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Along with your FlashStart course, we’re including 6 additional resources guaranteed to grow your confidence and student engagement. This way, you get the the best resources, in the shortest time possible.

Resource 1

Which words are best to teach? Text books make huge mistakes in word selection, don’t make it difficult for your students. We will give you the list of the core vocabulary you can weave into your lessons! There are certain words that form the core of any language. Words used in everyday life, just because you’re human.

Resource 1 shows you what words will be relevant for your students to learn. Relevance makes it interesting and engaging. During the course we show you how to fix the textbooks so they help – not harm – your students.


Resource 2

The Best Language Learning Tool in the World… MindBranding©

This tool is  already woven through the course in several separate units but we’ve also divided them into a separate additional course you can do in small amounts of time over 3 days – 30 mins twice a day. The timing of applying this system is crucial – now you can focus just on this tool when you want to. Our students LOVE this one.


Resource 3

Cheat Sheet – 9 Classroom Techniques to Encourage, Engage and Inspire

In the classroom in many countries, teachers are just a source of information and a classroom nazi… but you don’t want to teach that way… This resource based on an Oxford paper lets you in on techniques you should use to lead your students to accomplish their goal… making them feel successful. Here we give you the best 9!


Resource 4

Online tutoring jobs. All-in-One place.

To help you sort the wheat from the chaff, we give you a list of companies that are good to work for and easy to approach. Some of them are happy to accept just a TESOL Certification and don’t require a degree of their teachers.


Resource 5

Why Learn English” – is a motivating tool to keep before your students. This resource lists at least seven ways students will improve their life thanks to a knowledge of English. Hand this out to students and review regularly – make it a focus of class room discussions from time to time to keep them powering forward.


Resource 6

TESOL Manual

Once you’ve enrolled in this course you are in for life (unless you decide to cancel your membership) There’s nothing more to pay for this so you can review the instructional videos at any time to refresh your memory about an activity or learning principle.

We provide you with an eBook format that you will be able to download to your device. It describes the activities, provides grammar matrixes to use and also word lists and much, much more!

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And if, in the unlikely event you are disappointed in any way with your investment, just contact us within 30 days* of purchasing for a full and immediate refund on your investment. We think that’s pretty fair don’t you?

*If a certificate has already been issued and the course completed a refund will not be issued.

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