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...I live in Peru and teach English online to school Chinese students in Beijing. Taking the FlashStart language Tesol course was the best decision. It made me excited to want to find work and teach because, aside from having the Tesol Certificate, all the methods I learned (over 40 with course) gave me the confidence needed to make my teaching skills fun and effective. I was able to demonstrate a few methods to the recruiters and I was hired immediately on the first step of the interview process, I was even hired by a company who requires a bachelors degree, which I don't have. I know there are ... other cheaper ways to go and get a certificate, but you won't get the training you need to be successful I would never skimp on something that will help me work effectively for years to come! Thank you FlashStart!!

I'm so ready to be a teacher now!

This was the most useful and practical course I have ever taken! It was more gripping and fun than any college course I have had previously. You definitley feel enabled to become a competent teacher!

Simple, practical and highly effective!

I think this course is amazing! I have taken another TESOL course that I enjoyed. However, this course makes the process fun and simple. With the tools I learned from this course, I have been able to teach English to both kids and adults with a high rate of success....

Teaching English is addictive

I completed my online TESOL course with FlashStart in April 2016. I have been able to obtain employment teaching children English in Myanmar at an International School since then and I love it. Teaching English is addictive! I have also had work teaching conversational English to teenagers, where the suggestions I received from FlashStart have been invaluable.....

FlashStart TESOL Course gives you wings!

I really enjoyed the Flashstart Tesol course it was the start of a new life as an online ESL teacher The course helped me to find a job and my students are more focussed and have more fun when I use the methods I have learned. The Flashstart Tesol course was really an eyeopener for me and combined with the experience I already had as a full time volunteer for a non profit organisation made me as my new employer said " a top-notch " consultant.

Exceeded my expectations!

I loved the course! I appreciated not only the variety of teaching techniques, but the practical help on what to include in a resume' & the teaching plans. When I put together my teaching videos at the end of the course it was great to see the reaction of beginners to the techniques. They were laughing and having fun & what is more they were speaking in English. It is evident you want those taking this course to succeed. Thank you!!!!

At my own pace...

Doing the online course was incredible for me. I was able to go on my own pace with my busy schedual, If I did not understand something I could rewind the video and re watch it. The skills that I learn in the program has help me have confidence with my teaching.


My wife and I really enjoyed the training and practical examples, we had multiple job offers and moved from the United states to Asia and would not have been able to do it without the training. The TESOL certificate is highly respected here! We are also using the tools we learned for our students to teach ourselves a new language, we would have never dreamed of that in the past, best decision ever!

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online-english-teaching-jobsAfraid your opportunity to travel will pass you by while you’re waiting to save enough money?

 Hi my name is Kemp Carroll, AKA the traveling TESOL trainer*,

Let’s face it not everyone is born with a silver spoon that let’s them afford all the travel they want. And it can be hard to save the money. But when your friends are posting on Instagram and FB about all the fun they’re having, it really can be frustrating.  Well, we can fix all that. Let me explain…

Travel the world and earn as you go by teaching English to speakers of other languages (TESOL).
Teaching English is in high demand! No doubt about it, it’s estimated by 2020 2 billion people will be learning English. Guess what – they need someone to teach them…whether that’s in class, tutoring one on one or you in online English teaching jobs.

While overseas though, you don’t want to be spending all your time in lesson preparation – a number one problem for TESOL teachers right now. So, what about if you could….

Walk into a classroom…

pick up a book you’ve never seen before…

and start to teach in 90 seconds… a 90 minute class!

Zero prep teaching!

So, if you’ve got a bit of time, and less than the cost of a couple of dinners at a fancy restaurant, I guarantee this will be you!

So what’s your next step??…….well you could sign up right now for our free trial….or do what most people do, keep reading and get the full course…or, to get started immediately, you could enroll right now right here!

You decided to keep reading? Great!

FlashStart  TESOL Certification

Online-english-teaching-jobss Shows how to keep class prep time to a bare minimum

Giv2 finger bullet smes you confidence so you can start your first day with a smile instead of dread

3 finger bullet smAllows you to travel to exotic locations with TESOL paying the way

Online-english-teaching-jobsFast Tracks your TESOL education…start Earning earlier!

*(TESOL stands for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages and is also known as TEFL – Teaching English as a Foreign Language.)

So if you want to –

 TESOL Certification reason 1shortcut the time it takes to learn to teach spoken English effectively, and / or

TESOL Certification reason 1learn a language yourself (useful if you don’t speak the mother tongue of your students)?

Then this will be the most important information you’ll read all year!

Here’s why…

I figured out how to take away the anxiety and pain from teaching and learning language…including English.

I am a TESOL researcher/teacher and language learner originally from USA, currently living in Chiang Mai, Thailand. I started this journey while in Beijing teaching Business English for the Chinese Government….or should I say…trying to. But much of what I’d been taught about teaching language – simply did not work. Students would pass the tests but still not be able to speak English.

Students were frustrated. learn-language I was frustrated.

Anyway, as a TESOL teacher, I knew there were certain problems faced commonly by TESOL teachers in many countries where English is learned as a second language….such as...

Problem 1: Your biggest fear may be that you don’t feel you’re very good at English! You may worry you won’t know how to answer the students’ questions especially about grammar. We show you how to eliminate that worry…and it’s not about memorizing grammar rules either.

Problem 2: Maybe you are nervous to stand up in front of a class. This course helps with that too by showing you how to deflect the attention from you, the teacher.

Problem 3: Perhaps you feel that the students will be bored and loose interest. FlashStart methods gets your students of any age engaged by using whole-brain activities that keep their brains firing.  

Problem 4: …will the students listen to me?

Problem 5: …where do I start exactly?

Problem 6: …what if I can’t control the class?

Problem 7: …will I be watched by other teachers?

and so on…. all understandable anxieties.

With all these issues in mind, I set out to develop strategies  that address these problems and make the life of a TESOL teacher easier.

Along the way, I discovered there were also many problems with the way language is learned and how students study it. TESOL teachers themselves, dozens of them, and language students (who’d tried and failed to learn a language), shared with me what wasn’t working.

So, I was on a mission.

I knew the secret to fast and easy language learning was out there. I just had to find it. I started by researching what prestigious major universities like Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, Columbia, Perdue and Princeton had already discovered. I learned from these studies some of how the brain learns language.

What I discovered was life changing for me and my students.

I realised that many of these findings logically fit together. Brilliant discoveries, made separlearn-languageately by different researchers, although walled off and separated as if in a series of language learning silos.. made a complete picture of how the brain learns language. Thus giving me a picture of the best way to teach language.

Then I applied all this in the classroom.

After a lot of R & D, in 2010, in Kunming China,  I delivered my first TESOL course to trainee English teachers. In that course I demonstrated to the 12 people in attendance, 20 Teaching Methods.  Methods that guaranteed to ramp up the effectiveness of their class room teaching while cutting down, or eliminating altogether, the time it takes to prepare for a class.

And low and behold…

The attendees LOVED it!

Online-english-teaching-jobss They LOVED seeing all the methods in action…

2 finger bullet smThey LOVED the way they could slip these methods into ANY classroom in which they worked…

3 finger bullet sm And they LOVED the way I pulled back the curtain… for them to see how they now can adapt these methods to increase their repertoire… and instantly change the mood in their class and ramp up the engagement of their students  teaching-english

These simple, elegant, dynamic – easy to learn methods are nevertheless powerful in their total result. And it’s why our students get 88% recall.

With these methods, over the past 10 years I and my team have continued to develop this dynamic and effective TESOL course.

Now on five continents over 2200 have been taught these methods.


Like Patricia who took our face to face course in Brisbane Australia and went on to teach English to Asylum Seekers and Refugees from Afghanistan and Myanmar, says “I [also] taught Spanish to a large group… The Students were very impressed with their rapid progress in learning the language. I found the suggestions anenglish-language-learningd formats used by FlashStart to be so easy to follow. I would recommend the Course to anyone who wants to finance a move Overseas or to gain more confidence with a [teaching] skill they already have. I plan to use the skills acquired in a future move to South America.”

"English is not my native language but....I use FLASHstart suggestion about resume'...take it...and in next week I find good job"


Arkady Kornienko

English Teacher

“Thanks to FlashStart, I now have a plan”

These methods empower teachers to show their students HOW to absorb a language and, just as importantly,  how NOT to learn a language. This has helped thousands of people reach their language learning and teaching goals while traveling the world.

Look, when it comes to language (including English teaching) you name it, I’ve researched it. I’ve lived and taught on five continents and had all the language learning headaches you could imagine, and a few you can’t.

So these tidbits I’m about to share are based on experience… not academic theories… and I need you to understand the difference between the two so we can move on.teaching-english-courses

If you want to be enslaved to teaching according to academia’s text book learning of theories, based on tests and grammar, and where the students pass the test but can’t speak the language…then this course is not for you.

But if you want to know what works

and get’s students out of their seat and speaking the language,

then stick around, I’ve lots to share.

Example: To eliminate Problem 2 above, I get the class off to a flying start with energetic all inclusive out-loud reading activities. But that’s just the beginning, this course teaches you effective solutions to all the above questions and much, much more.

Not just English teachers but any language teacher can use these methods. If you’re teaching others to speak another language for a living (or even for a hobby) you’re life is about to get a whole lot easier.

Seeing Proven Teaching Methods in Action Instantly Gives You An Advanced TESOL Education

That’s becaTeaching English PNG lightbulbuse once you know these methods…you’ll have a foundation on which to build your TESOL teaching career for life and you’ll NEVER look at teaching the same way again. And… you’ll never sweat bullets wondering what to do to get your students involved… because knowing these methods eliminates the time you previously would take to get a lesson together.

You’ll instantly know what methods to use and know exactly how and when to use them

Here’s where this gets exciting


Potentially very rewarding for you!

Since I developed this TESOL Course, I’ve discovered many more proven teaching methods while delivering this course to others…so you can expect to find much more than the original 20 methods I started with.

But something else was happening along the way.  The medium for learning was expanding beyond the classroom. In fact people now learn at work, in their cars, in public facilities such as libraries, and most importantly…ONLINE!

So for the first time ever… I have added these methods to a new online course I simply call…


TESOL Certification Online

Zero prep teaching that starts a fire in your classroom!

The use of the word ‘FLASHstart’ in the title is very meaningful.

That’sonline-english-teaching-jobs because…it implies speed with excitement!!

Knowing these methods…

Online-english-teaching-jobssSpeeds up the time it takes to get results for your students…which

2 finger bullet smExcites your students because they’re seeing results and they’ll be falling over themselves to be in your class…which

3 finger bullet smSpeeds up the time it takes you to advance your career with your chosen school or develop your own lucrative tutoring practice

Not only that, ‘FLASHstart” also describes the speed with which you can digest this new course… that’s because…

This New Online Version is a fast learning tool

We haven’t wasted any time padding out this course. This way you get straight to the goods without first having to wade through all the padding. Many online TESOL courses take upwards of 120 hours. Why?

Well that way they can charge you more. But you’re busy. I’m busy. And who wants to pay for padding just so you can say you did so many hours in a course?

So this course is long enough to get you qualified and confident. No longer. But don’t be concerned that we leave anything out…we still give you 13 modules (including 90 Units) to set you up to reach your goals.

I’m sure you’re smart enough to know the difference between value and size. We could have padded this out and turned it into a course of 120 hours or more by  lengthening the videos and adding dry theories and irrelevant content and then… Charged 3 Times The Price!

'This course really gave me confidence to teach English. I'd earned back my financial investment in the course in just one month. While teaching English overseas (in China) I didn't have to work many hours to cover my expenses so I had plenty of time for more important things.'

Amanda Sawyer

Private English tutor


Click here to start your new career!

But that’s not our style.

Anyway, speaking of busy, I need to keep this brief.

If you’re the right person you’ll know right off if this is right for you.

PLUS, because we’ve kept the price way down on this one, investing in this precious resource should be an easy decision.

(Check out Amanda’s story to see how easily you’ll recoup your investment.)

Okay… here’s just a brief taste of what you’ll discover…

Module 1.4 Brain Engagement


Explains why many people study English (or another language) for years but still can’t have a conversation and what you can do to fix that.

Many English classes are test driven, so that the outcomes can be easily measured by the school. But this results in confused students who still can’t speak the language although they can pass the tests.  If you want your students to learn to SPEAK English…

Our tip: In your class, you want to limit TTT (teacher talking time). Your students must be the ones talking… this course shows you how to do that.

Module 5.4 The Un-Grammar Matrix


Makes you a  grammar expert even if you’ve never taught or studied grammar before

We give you tools that lead the students to a correct understanding of the sentence structure easily without any explanation from you.

Our tip: Song’s can be used in a special way to help students learn word placement. We give you a tool that helps you do this.

It will

♣ Help your students instantly see the place for the new word

♣ Help them substitute other words from their vocabulary

♣ And lets you avoid getting bogged down in grammar rules

Module 6.5

Circadian Study Cycle


Inspires your students (and yourself) to learn English (or any language) using a time saving hyper-effective in-house technique called MindBranding©.

Why inspiring? Because it demonstrates the science behind how the brain learns languages and shows that, in terms of time needed, less is more…this makes your students extra excited and motivated.

Our tip: 20 minutes twice a day will have you dominating your language of choice. Cover these modules over a three day period to get the best result.

Your students will be able to…

Teaching English PNG lightbulbSystematically knock a language on the head

Teaching English PNG lightbulbGain ground if they’re attempting to pass the IELTS tests

Teaching English PNG lightbulbImpress their parents with their obvious improvement…leading to job security for you.

Now that’s just 3 of the hundreds of lightbulb moments you’ll experience  when you take this new FLASHstart TESOL Certification Online course.

Here are a few more questions we answer …to get you thinking…

“How do I know where to start the first time I walk into a classroom?”

“I’ve heard some students hate their English classes and really don’t want to be there…I don’t want to be hated too…how can I get them to like me and my lessons?”

?  “How will this help me to stand out from other teachers in my school?”

?  “How do I get more money as a TESOL teacher?”

?  “Besides the course itself saving me time over other courses, how else can I save time and energy?”

That’s only some of the many methods and solutions in this course… but you get the picture… and I’m sure you can see the value of taking this amazing course.

What’s even better…

Every Method is explained in full… you get to see…

Online-english-teaching-jobssWhat the Method is and how to use it…

Online-english-teaching-jobssDemonstrations of each Method in action…

Online-english-teaching-jobssPLUS, tips and lessons on each and every Method so you get the skills, understanding and confidence to put them into action.

This is such an easy and powerful way to learn. What’s taken me years to put together and adapt, you get handed to you on a silver platter.

But wait…it doesn’t stop there!

With your permission we’d like to include for you SIX Resources guaranteed to improve your teaching!

To keep with the FlashStart theme, we’re including 6, additional resources guaranteed to grow your confidence and student engagement. This way, you get the the BEST resources, in the shortest possible time.


Resource # 1

Which Words are best to teach? Text books make huge mistakes in word selection…
Don’t make it difficult for your students…This list is the core vocabulary you can weave into your lessons!

There are certain words that form the core of any language. Words used in everyday life, just because  you’re human. Resource #1 shows you what words will be relevant for your students to learn. Relevance makes for interest and engagement. During the course we show you how to fix the textbooks so they help – not harm – your students.

Resource # 2

The Best Language Learning Tool in the World…MindBranding©
This tool is  already woven through the course in several separate units but we’ve also divided them into a separate additional course you can do in small amounts of time over 3 days – 3o mins twice a day. The timing of applying this system is crucial – now you can focus just on this tool when you want to. Our students LOVE this one.

Resource # 3

Cheat Sheet – 9 Classroom Techniques to Encourage, Engage and Inspire
In the classroom in many countries, teachers are just a source of information, and a classroom nazi…but you don’t want to teach that way…This Resource based on an Oxford paper lets you in on techniques you should use to lead your students to accomplish their goal…making them feel successful. Here we give you the best 9….

Resource # 4

Online tutoring jobs. All-in-One place 
To help you sort the wheat from the chaff, we give you a list of companies that are good to work for who are easy to approach. Some of them are happy to accept just a TESOL Certification and don’t require a degree of their teachers.

Resource # 5

“Why Learn English” – is a motivating tool to keep before your students.
This resource lists at least seven ways students will improve their life thanks to a knowledge of English. Hand this out to students and review regularly – make it a focus of class room discussions from time to time to keep them powering forward.

Resource # 6

TESOL Manual
Once you’ve enrolled in this course you are in for life (unless you decide to cancel your membership) There’s nothing more to pay for this. So you can review the instructional videos at any time in order to refresh your memory about an activity or learning principle.

However, most students also appreciate having this info – plus lots more – in an eBook format that you will be able to download to your device. It describes the activities, provides grammar matrixes to use and also word lists and much, much more.

So let’s recap and see what you get inside the new

“FlashStart TESOL Certification ONLINE”

You get…

14 Modules which includes 90+ units that

  • Lets you turn getting a job teaching English into a ‘walk in the park’ thanks to easy to follow videos and quizzes you can access at your own convenience
  • Shows how to avoid class prep time all together
  • Fast Tracks your TESOL education…


  • Valuable Resources  guaranteed to grow your confidence and student engagement so you get the MOST AMAZING lessons and the BEST resources, in the least amount of time.
  • TESOL Certificate

Make no mistakethis IS your Fast Track to TESOL TEACHING GREATNESS!

online-english-teaching-jobsFast Track to getting TESOL Certified…

online-english-teaching-jobsFast Track way to write a winning application/resume’ for a teaching position… 

online-english-teaching-jobsFast Track way to gain an understanding of great teaching…

online-english-teaching-jobsFast Track way to grow a tutoring practice (online or in person)… if you get right on it, you’ll be finished the whole course in a few days…

To be honest, nothing could be easier!

And just imagine how you will use this information.

Which of These 40+ Teaching Techniques Will You Use To

  • Engage your class
  • Empower your Students and
  • Start up a lucrative English tutoring practice?

For example, let’s say you want to teach English in your own city – you could offer to teach English at multi-national companies who have English programs for their staff. Of course you’d charge a sizeable fee for the service. Or you could run a social media promotion that will bring new students to your own tutoring practice.

That’s just two suggestions how you can use this to generate cash flow and even a second income stream if you don’t want to travel or give up your day job.

And what’s more, you risk nothing when you invest in this exclusive training…

That’s just two suggestions how you can use this to generate cash flow and even a second income stream if you don’t want to travel or give up your day job.

And what’s more, you risk nothing when you invest in this exclusive training…

Thank you so much! This was a fantastic course, and I am very glad to have access to this whenever I need clarification on one of the methods or on something found in the course book. Thank you for your help, and for thorough answers to all of my questions.
Erica Ann Ricketts

Erica Ricketts

FlashStart Online Graduate

english-language-learning The Flashstart TESOL course gave me enough confidence to start a new teaching English career even though it’s not my mother tongue. After I finish the course I have no trouble finding work.

Irina Kornienko

English Teacher



FlashStart Graduate

Our No-Risk 30-Day Money Back Guaranteetesol-certification

Your investment in our new “ONLINE FlashStart TESOL Certification” is completely safe and secure. That’s because we want you to try it out for a full 30 days risk-free. That’s right simply try the course out for a full 30 days.

Take advantage of the info it contains, see how easy it is to use these methods, and put into practice any or all of the activities we reveal to empower your confidence and employability. Make thorough use of it and take advantage of all the English teaching breakthrough info.

And if, in the unlikely event you are disappointed in any way with your investment, just contact me within 30 days* of purchasing for a full and immediate refund on your investment.

NB* If a certificate has already been issued and the course completed a refund will not be issued.

We think that’s pretty fair don’t you?

So How Much is This Valuable Course?

Good question.

Frankly, you and I both know we have seen TESOL courses for $2500 and more.

Which, isn’t bad when you think you’re getting the tools to start a whole new career. Look we know the value of this information. We know how much of an impact it will make on your teaching career. So we don’t want price to be a roadblock that would be a barrier to your enrolling in this course.

So your investment is much less and can be found here –

you’ll see several options that give you a choice depending on your goals.

What’s your next step?

Simply press the button below and you’re on your way on this amazing journey to TESOL Certification.

Look, if you want something you’ve never had before, you need to do something you’ve never done before! Simple as that!

tesol certificationSo ENROL in 

FlashStart TESOL Certification ONLINE right now!

Fast track your new career in TESOL Teaching.

Once you know these methods you’ll know how to teach and engage and motivate your students for job satisfaction that is off the charts.

Say ‘Yes!’ now and look forward to a better, brighter and more rewarding future.

That future begins today, right now, right this minute.

We look forward to taking your enrolment in the ONLINE FlashStart TESOL Certification. And we look forward to seeing  how you help your future English students while living the life you’d like to live, travelling the world.

We want to hand you the keys to the TESOL teaching vault. So you get the skills, confidence and knowledge to use these methods and reap the benefits we talked about. So, are you ready for this? Are you ready to take your TESOL skill to the next level?

Keep in mind, you risk nothing by saying YES now. In the unlikely event you are disappointed in any way with your investment, just contact us within 30 days of purchasing for a full and immediate refund on your investment.

Not only that, but you’ll likely earn back your investment in the first few weeks or days (depending on your journey) of teaching.

Don’t wait…ENROL NOW!

You can contact us at if you have any questions.

Copyright © 2019 All rights reserved.

What Our Grads Say…

“ The class was amazing, I didn’t expect it to be so much fun! ”

Sean Grey

“ Thank you all. This is an amazing course. And your instruction is so informative. I am surprised that I am understanding and learning more than I thought. Your teaching methods are very innovative and yet easy. This is the best course I have ever taken....

Patricia Schiller

ENGLISH & SPANISH TEACHER “ If you want to gain confidence in teaching English, learn how to apply for English teaching jobs, help avoid preparation time, learn how to manage a class, I’d recommend this course. I taught English to refugees and asylum seekers after...

Amanda Sawyer

PRIVATE ENGLISH TUTOR “ This course really gave me confidence to teach English. I’d earned back my financial investment in the course in just one month. While teaching English overseas (in China) I didn’t have to work many hours to cover my expenses so I had plenty of...