Where most language courses fail….

Eg. Rosetta Stone. Check out this review.

MindBranding©: Blends Visual, Auditory,  Tactile/Kinesthetic techniques together


  • The core of MindBranding© is spaced repetition trace memory recall with a twist
  • It uses visual prompts instead of audio – (many language programs are primarily audio)
  • It employs digital finger dance – a kinesthetic learning tool
  • Plus – Total Sensory Reinforcement – another kinesthetic learning tool
  • Standing up and getting out of your seat – puts blood in your brain and not your feet
  • Employs red to enhance memorization – Missouri Western State University Verified
  • It employs the Personal Core Vocabulary techniques – you choose your own words
  • Bi-directional translation
  • Linking – short-term to long-term memory
  • Cascadian Circadian Cycle
  • Plus – Audio Feedback
  • Mnemonic drawings
Write one word-phrase per card so your mind can focus on one idea at a time. Convert word- phrases into symbols and pictures.